Bring out innovative solutions from the analytics and mobile platforms for better healthcare services.

Deploy either as a complete HIS or modularly with innovative solutions from Analytics and Mobility on top of existing HIS

Make your Hospital Operations Smarter


Enhance Patient Care

Deliver world class care with the best utilization of technology and get more recommendations from happy patients.


Optimize Resources

Ensure real-time collaboration between departments and people to maximize efficiency through internal messaging systems and workflows.


Analyze Efficiency

Monitor your departments, doctors and stakeholders efficiency with effective MIS and KPIs.


Increase Revenue

Get MIS Reports through automatic email schedulers that keep you informed, help streamline processes and increase profitability.

Althos HIS : Key Components in the HIS

The Althos HIS has been developed with the intention of empowering doctors, nurses, caregivers and support staff so that they can serve the patients better. When you implement an integrated, end-to-end management system, managing a hospital is unbelievably easy.


Patient Management

  • Registration and Appointment Booking
  • Manage Electronic Medical Records of In/Out patients
  • In Patient management

Finance and HRM

  • In/Out patient billing
  • Support for Health Insurance
  • Payroll

Quality Control System

  • Complaints and Feedback
  • NABH related forms and reports
  • OP/IP case sheet checklist

Ward Maintenance

  • Occupancy and Availability
  • Discharge Summary
  • Surgery Management

Facilities Management

  • Asset Tracking
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Laundry Maintenance

Pharmacy and Inventory

  • Manage Supply Chain
  • Manage Purchase Process
  • Drug Master

Diagnostic and Radiology

  • PACS Integration
  • Test Results and Clinical history
  • Investigation of Patient Diagnosis

Student Information System

  • Manage Attendance and Fee Payments
  • Manage Academic Information
  • Digital Classrooms

Patient Dietary

  • Online Diet Request
  • Diet Billing
  • Diet Stores

Why Althos?

Althos helps hospitals to evolve from volume to value-based care providers, by transforming the care delivery process, control and reduce costs, achieve better outcomes and obtain more value for money invested.

Exhaustive Feature List

Althos HIS provides a comprehensive set of modules covering all aspect of hospital functioning and beyond.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

The basic blocks of Althos HIS came out of in-house HIS developed at PSG Hospitals and deployed & fine-tuned over 3 decades. Thus you get a fully mature and maintainable product requiring little re-work, low risk of implementation delays, minimized risk of cost overruns.

Completely Configurable & Customizable

Though Althos HIS provides a set of standard modules, they can be customized as per user requirements. They can also be configured according to a hospital’s unique workflows.

Robust Engineering & Security

Althos HIS provides robust authentication access control mechanism so that to treat patient data in a confidential and secured manner.

Easy to Use and Learn

Intuitively-designed user interfaces and product features translate to easier learning and quicker adoption. A User-centric design approach puts user friendliness at the core of product design.

Unmatched Support

Althos comes with dedicated support throughout the product life cycle, including post-installation and maintenance support.



Patient App

Give patients the ability to schedule appointments, schedule reminders and access their healthcare information including discharge information, medication, follow-up appointment, emergency contacts, first aid tips, and more

Doctor App

Enables Doctors to know their appointments. Realtime Leave Management. Get Patient Data and manage Patient medications via alerts.

Nurse App

Enables nurses to get information about shift allocations and patient data, such as room number and medical conditions. Nurses could also manage patient medications via alerts, update medication checklists when medications are given, and get emergency notifications if a patient requires immediate attention..

Navigation App

An easy to use wayfinding app for patients, employees, and families to find waiting rooms, patient rooms, check-in stations, X-ray labs, cafeterias, the nursery, and more.

Gain insight, take action with Analytics

You need analytics for value-based medicine. Your healthcare organization needs to manage risk, enhance patient outcomes, and improve overall decision making. Plus, you’ll need cutting-edge intelligence to make decisions and share information among your network to address the demands of value-based care and improve reimbursements.